November 20, 2007


I had to smile tonight when I posted a few bits in need of a new home on freecycle including three unused pairs of earplugs that have been floating around my dressing table for eternity.

I got them as freebies from my days of selling for Bike Trader so I was expecting requests from bikers eager to save their hearing, but no, they've all been snapped up by women with husbands who snore!

I can understand it. I have to say it's one of those things that would eventually become a deal-breaker in a relationship for me. As a light sleeper the idea of spending a night with a man who snores incessantly is my idea of hell. Fortunately Matt only snores when he's had too many Ciders (and as I'm guilty of the same after too many glasses of wine I can hardly complain) or when he lies on his back (ditto) and generally some well aimed fidgeting or a gentle (cough) poke in the ribs usually puts an end to it but I can't imagine anything much worse than a loud non stop snore next to you night in night out.

So, ladies, they're on their way to you with my best wishes and if it helps to promote a little extra marital harmony I shall consider it Karma points well earned.

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