October 09, 2007

Psychometric Blogs?

So, having got to the stage where I seriously need to find a new job I got to thinking - what would my potential new employers think about me if they read my blog?

I think I’d be ok. There’s no real deviancy or debauchery to concern them, there’s the occasional glimpse of wit and once in a while something worth reading but at the end of the day I do it for me, not to use as a CV. Which got me onto another train of thought – why not? After all, decisions are made on the basis of psychometric tests so why not Blogs? What clearer indication is there of what’s really going on in someone’s mind than the contents of their blog?

Take for instance, a friend of mine who has been doing the job that she wants for three months now but she’s not allowed to actually have the job title (and salary) that goes with it until she can pass the company psychometric test, which she’s already failed, and to make matters worse she has to wait three months to retake it! Ask her to write a blog for three months, it’s gotta be easier.

So I think there should be a new line on application forms, one asking for the URL of your blog, and if you haven’t got one make one. If I ever get to the stage where I’m making hiring and firing decisions again it’s going to be the first thing I look at.

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