March 20, 2009

So... Pete Hasn't Moved Then?

Playing with Google Street view I had to have a look at my old flat in Tooting. It was home for over ten years and (so far) my one and only venture into property ownership. I was the first of the two flats at the top of the fire escape. I paid for the open window (in the bedroom) and had the sky dish installed (the small one, Ladbrokes paid me nearly £700 every year to have the big one on my balcony!) But the two things that really made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy were that my old neighbour, Pete, is still walking up that fire escape, just how I remember him, and the cat flap that my two geriatric old mogs used to use to explore the wilds of Tooting is still there. They were a (mainly) happy ten years.

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