August 12, 2007

New Toys!

I have discovered a dangerous new addiction – Freecycling! The idea is very simple you put stuff up for grabs that you don’t want anymore and if it’s any use to anyone else they come and take it away from you – for free! It's a worldwide concept and there are local groups just about everywhere just go to the website to find yours.

So far I’ve managed to find a good home for my ancient and much travelled Sinclair ZX Spectrum that has been sitting in various cupboards, garages and even had a brief stint in Wimbledon Police Station for over 20 years and I’ve offered all my old cassette tapes and videos and a few more things that I’m loathed to throw away just in case someone somewhere has a use for them.

Of course the danger is that while trying to rehome your own junk you invariably come across things that other people are getting rid of that might just come in handy.

Ironic maybe that the first thing that I’ve gained via freecycle is a free cycle! An exercise bike to be precise, in pretty good nick with onboard computer and everything, just the thought of using it brings me out in a sweat, although I suspect I may actually have to get on it to see any real benefit.

We’ve also got a pine coffee table and some dumbbells lined up to collect and no doubt I’ll come across a whole host of stuff that might just come in handy.

Good job I cleared the garage out last week.

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