July 22, 2007

Well, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time!

UPDATE (28/07/07)

So... Unfortunately work has conspired to stop me from being able to do the blogathon, I was expecting to have to work a few hours over the weekend but now it turns out that I'm going to have to work for six hours today and ten hours tomorrow!

So even armed with a laptop and dial up I'm not going to be able to do it, with the best will in the world I'm going to have to actually do some work when I go in, oh well, maybe next year I'll actually get a weekend off? The bit of money that I have raised will still go to the charity and maybe I'll have a go at something else soon

I’ve been mulling over something for a week or two now, it seemed like a good idea when I first saw it but internet cynicism took over and I felt I needed to check up on it’s legitimacy first not to mention I needed to decide if I really did have the determination to complete the task, something that I’ve lacked with most things for a while now!

So after much deliberation and investigation I have decided to attempt a Blogathon next Saturday! The idea is that you post to your blog every thirty minutes for 24 hours and get sponsorship for a charity, either per post or just a lump sum if you manage to complete it.

I heard of it via one of my flickr contacts and was a little wary of asking people for money without knowing for sure it was going to get where it was meant to but when you set up your Blog on Blogathon all you’re actually asking people to do is pledge money. When it comes to handing over the dosh it goes straight to the online donation page of the charity of your choice (which you provide the link to) so no chance it won’t get there. Or in some cases, myself included, to a ‘Just Giving’ page, which is a great way to focus your personal fundraising and still sends the money direct to the charity.

I had a bit of a problem deciding which charity to choose, after all there are so many causes in need of help and my eventual choice may not seem a particularly noble one in the eyes of some but it’s one close to my heart – Cats!

I chose the Cats Protection League because I think it does a great deal to help not just rehome the cats that end up in their care but also to try to stop, via neutering and trying to teach responsible cat care, the problem of unwanted cats and strays. If you love cats then they’re helping out our feline friends and if you hate cats then think of it as helping to fund the people that are trying to get that scruffy stray cat out of your vegetable garden once and for all.

Our current feline housemate Smodge came from the Basingstoke Cats Protection League so I figure I owe them a little bed and board.

So if you fancy a laugh I suggest checking my blog now and again from 2pm Saturday 28th July (Everyone worldwide starts at the same time, hence it’s different in each time zone, the UK’s lucky, we can have a nice leisurely afternoon kick off). I will pre write some entries (it’s going to be hard enough to stay awake for 24hrs let alone think for that long!) but not all of them, and I’m bound to post a few pictures, but tempting though it is I’ll try to resist the urge just to post a photo or a YouTube video every 30 mins. And if you fancy digging into your pockets you can always make a pledge – please.

To Pledge money to my charity via Blogathon go to Their List Of Blogs sort them alphabetically (makes it easier) then look for Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box, click on the link and pledge your sponsorship, it shows as dollars on the blog page but as the donations are made directly to a uk charity it all ends up in sterling.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to come along and introduce myself - I'm John and I'll be your monitor for the Blogathon. Nice to see another Brit getting involved!

Hope all's well and I'll see you on Saturday!