June 04, 2007

Great Inventions Of Our Time?

I heard on the news a few days ago a story about a new product designed to stop Cats from catching birds and other small animals - The Cat Bib. The website says...

The CatBib is a unique, patented product that prevents your cat from catching and killing wild birds... simply, safely, effectively, and inexpensively! AND it's been scientifically proven to stop cats from catching birds!

What's more there are many many glowing testimonials from Cat owners who state just how effective it has been. Personally as the owner of a cat with a voracious appetite for the destruction of small defenceless animals, mice in particular, I can't imagine anything more ridiculous, much as I'd love to find a way to curb his enthusiasm for hunting he's a cat for god's sake! It's what they do!

Firstly I have enough trouble getting him to wear a collar (having spent over £20 in the last three months on collars that stay on for an average of a week if I'm lucky) let alone a huge lump of neoprene as well! And secondly it looks stupid - he would be the laughing stock of the area and I just couldn't do it to him, not to mention the fact that any attempt to put it on him would probably result in my need for medical attention!

I've attached a picture of a few of the cats on the website happily(?) wearing their cat bibs although it's not very clear you should get the gist of it, if you really want to see cats suffering just have a look at the website and click on the testimonial section - I tell you not one of them looks happy about it. I know it's a problem but beyond a bell round the neck or permanent captivity not one that I think there's ever going to be an effective solution to, and if there is it's certainly not the Cat Bib! Cats hunt! Live with it!


Unknown said...

In one of those random moments I came across this while looking for photos of cats in cat bibs. We tried one on our slavering, bird-eating psychopath (http://ashanddeshar.blogspot.com/2007/06/final-indignity.html). Lasted three days but I think he's buried it somewhere. Seemed to work for that time but we really didn't like having it on him.

Cathy said...

I just couldn't do it - although if he keeps the current level of mouse torture and destruction up I may relent :)