April 30, 2007

Take Me To The Kittens!

So there I am, aimlessly trawling through flickr when I came across a group called The Photographer's Club. I decided to have a look at a few of the pics but then after two or three I was greeted by a warning message. Apparently the photo that I was about to look at fell outside my current SafeSearch filter (didn't know I had one!) and I had to press an extra button to view it. The photo itself was nothing distressing or obscene but what made me laugh was the toolbar at the top of the page that says...

If you've changed your mind about viewing this you can escape - take me to the kittens!

... and it really does take you to the kittens, and some very cute one's at that. I can recommend Junkus, kitten pics very funny.

It's nice to know that flickr's looking after me :)

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