September 10, 2005

Sick People!

This week I read a story in one of the papers that sickened me, not that that's anything unusual with all the violence and suffering that is going on around the world but the story of Holly Thacker - aged 34 really made me wonder what is wrong with people today.

Holly Thacker. a mother of two girls decided that as their pet cat had 'gone a bit weird' and had scratched her she was going to get rid of it by boiling it to death on a boil wash in her washing machine!!!

The vet who was called to examine the body after her horrified ex husband (mmm - wonder why he left her?) was shown it in the bin she had dumped it in said " the terror the cat suffered while drowning was revealed by broken claws on all four paws. It's skin was red - showing how hot the water was. The disorientation of a rotating drum and the filling with boiling water would have been a terrifying process"

Holly Thacker has been found guilty of animal cruelty by the court nr Hellesdon, Norfolk - her home town - and has been told she could face jail. Sentencing has been adjourned.

Well lets hope she spends a little time as a guest of HMP and hopefully while she's there she'll get to share a cell with a nice Psychotic animal lover who may be better located and better equipped to explain to her just how much that poor little cat suffered just because she didn't want it anymore.

Holly Thacker may you burn in hell!


Well she was jailed, albeit not for very long, but jailed non the less. The RSPCA blasted the lenient sentence thier spokesman said "This is the most horrific deliberate act of cruelty I have ever had to deal with" and the reality of it is that she will probably only serve half of that. However I for one am glad to see she is serving some time for this, even if it does end up only being three weeks. I figure that's still got to be three weeks of shit for her, and I'm still hanging onto the hope of a mentally unstable, animal rights activist for a cell mate!

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